About Wrayfest

Why a Festival?

It’s funny how things happen, I remember being told about a great event Glyn Larcombe set up on the memorial ground many years ago. I heard it was a wonderful event to celebrate the turn of the century. The idea stuck with me, and my main thought was, why are we not doing this annually? We have a great village, with great residents, and rumour has it they like music and some even like a drink. .

As one of my Christmas Fayre meetings was coming to a close I mentioned to some of the committee about wanting to host a music festival. A group of clever people was quickly formed and they in turn came up with the names of others who might be interested in joining a committee. We now have our very own Wraysbury Music Festival, being planned to take place in September, on Wraysbury ground . The idea is simple, live local artists, involving local organisations to have a great family day; all you need to do is bring a picnic, something to drink and enjoy the community spirit..

It’s a family festival so of course there will be ‘festival’ food & drink stalls and plenty of entertainment laid on for our children. We need your help to make this festival a success !

Best Regards,

Mark Foster

Local Village support makes this event achievable, year on year