Having been in various bands together for a dozen or so years, Peter (bass) and Jim (Guitar) decided to embark on an effort to put together a merry band of troubadours, while trying to avoid the ego’s that sometimes come with these things. A couple of adverts later and some audition time and Lee was the first to join as drummer. His main qualities being laid back and hitting things hard.

By this time croaking through songs was taking its toll on Jim’s voice (and other people’s ears) so we set about recruiting a singer. Pre-requisites were strong vocals and tight jeans. After a few non-starters, Tony joined fulfilling both criteria and the fact he also plays guitar is something of a bonus.

The final piece of the jigsaw was a lead guitarist. Again a few false starts and false hopes and the legend that is Trevor (also known as ‘The Goat’, ‘Mr. Reasonable’ and ‘Turnitdown Trev!’) was offered the post to make us five and a full compliment.

After what seemed like months, and mainly due to being fed up thinking, we settled on the name Buzz-Feed. The aim is to play classic songs along with the odd ‘Not heard that for ages’ number thrown to get people singing (and after the requisite amount of alcohol) dancing along.

Nothing is off limits for us to at least try to add to the set list (although maybe a Bee Gees falsetto would be a challenge!), with everything from The Isley Brothers and Stevie Wonder, through to ZZ Top and Thin Lizzy, via The Beatles, Stones and Prince, in the current repertoire.