From the musical mono-culture of west London with its rich heritage of ignoring new forms of music come CoWPiG. CoWPiG bring their set full of influences from Led Zeppelin to punk, Film Noir to Folk, anger to mild irritation.

An eclectic mix  with a sound to echo at least one or two mental states…

The band come from a performing lineage including Edwardian vaudeville, Jazz and pop. Rod’s close relative Jed was famously robbed of his opportunity to play for Sweden in the 1969 Eurovision after a car accident damaged his neck muscles leaving him unable to look forward. His band ‘Jed Norway and the sideways Glancers’ seamlessly wove this impediment into their act and performed for many years eventually peaking in Scandinavia where they played to a sell out crowd at the IKEA Christmas Party.


Richard Utting, Rod Norway, Scatman, Apples, The Dianne