Having been in various bands together for a dozen or so years, Peter (bass) and Jim (Guitar) decided to embark on an effort to put together a merry band of troubadours, while trying to avoid the ego’s that sometimes come with these things. A couple of adverts later and some audition time and Lee was the first to join as drummer. His main qualities being laid back and hitting things hard.

By this time croaking through songs was taking its toll on Jim’s voice (and other people’s ears) so we set about recruiting a singer. Pre-requisites were strong vocals and tight jeans. After a few non-starters, Tony joined fulfilling both criteria and the fact he also plays guitar is something of a bonus.

The final piece of the jigsaw was a lead guitarist. Again a few false starts and false hopes and the legend that is Trevor (also known as ‘The Goat’, ‘Mr. Reasonable’ and ‘Turnitdown Trev!’) was offered the post to make us five and a full compliment.

After what seemed like months, and mainly due to being fed up thinking, we settled on the name Buzz-Feed. The aim is to play classic songs along with the odd ‘Not heard that for ages’ number thrown to get people singing (and after the requisite amount of alcohol) dancing along.

Nothing is off limits for us to at least try to add to the set list (although maybe a Bee Gees falsetto would be a challenge!), with everything from The Isley Brothers and Stevie Wonder, through to ZZ Top and Thin Lizzy, via The Beatles, Stones and Prince, in the current repertoire.

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Brogan, a 24-year-old, singer-songwriter born and raised in West London and currently working on her debut studio album, brings her soulful roots and meaningful lyrics to life with a captivating and emotional performance.

Her first three singles “Wanting More” “Quicksand” and “You” racked up over 340k plays online. Always surrounded by music as a child, and influenced by the likes of Etta James, Freddie Mercury, Adele, Beyoncé & Emeli Sandé, performing is all Brogan has ever known.

Writing from the heart, her music resonates with most on a personal level, storytelling her real-life experiences with catchy melodies and a unique tone, you’ll never mistake her for anyone else.

“For anyone who wants to take the time to be touched by music (like I do) she’s a real gift, so combining it with a very powerful performance, left me feeling something so powerful that it just made me sit and say WOW.” – Joshua Alamu (Founder of Ultimate Artists & World Renowned Voice Coach)


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Bel Esprit- is a upcoming duo from the heart of Wraysbury!! Comprising of local legend Xavier & soon to be legend, Izzy!

Influenced by artists such as The Beatles and genres such as indie, punk and a shared love of the advent guard this gives a distinctive and eclectic style, complemented by the unique voices Xav & Izzy possess!!

Currently they perform covers of songs but they hope to perform some of their own songs soon! Bel Esprit are able to break songs down in to an earthy, soulful vibe!


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Just Jeff remains an Anglo-Wraysburyite with an odd Irish leaning which explains a liking for mandolin, tenor banjo and guitars. Jeff still plays a mean whistle because he can’t afford an expensive one and was once threatened with a bouzouki so he learned to play it.

Jeff protests catholic tastes for any musical genre where he can find a strong melody and has been know to add vocals to his strummings and pickings. After drawing the shortest of short straws and opening the inaugural Wrayfest last year, Just Jeff has accepted an invitation to return with a collection of god knows what from who knows where.

Jeff is still trying to decipher the meaning behind the Wrayfest organisers’ request for a ‘set list…’


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Emma Jane Kennedy is an English singer song writer born and raised in Berkshire. She first gained recognition for her folk rock style of song writing while living in Dubai writing the theme tune to a documentary called “from Dust” which won several awards.  She then went on to release her first EP “Stage Fright”

Emma has been lucky enough to travel round the world with her music and has worked with some well renowned artists including Grammy award winning artist Amrit Sond.  She has supported Kenny Jones from The Faces, and the Small Faces on several occasions.

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Mike Conlon is a singer songwriter from South-West London, who has been performing with his acoustic guitar live in pubs and venues since he was 18. His music is story-telling and heartfelt. With strong influences from the likes of City & Colour and Jon Allen, Mike creates music that truly captures people’s attention.

With his EP release CROWD in early 2016, Mike showcased his original music in and around London during that Summer. Mike is currently in the process of recording a home studio album called ENDING CREDITS which is currently waiting for a release date. Check out his social media sites for regular updates on his progress.

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From the musical mono-culture of west London with its rich heritage of ignoring new forms of music come CoWPiG. CoWPiG bring their set full of influences from Led Zeppelin to punk, Film Noir to Folk, anger to mild irritation.

An eclectic mix  with a sound to echo at least one or two mental states…

The band come from a performing lineage including Edwardian vaudeville, Jazz and pop. Rod’s close relative Jed was famously robbed of his opportunity to play for Sweden in the 1969 Eurovision after a car accident damaged his neck muscles leaving him unable to look forward. His band ‘Jed Norway and the sideways Glancers’ seamlessly wove this impediment into their act and performed for many years eventually peaking in Scandinavia where they played to a sell out crowd at the IKEA Christmas Party.


Richard Utting, Rod Norway, Scatman, Apples, The Dianne




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Gianluca Vittorio

Gianluca Vittorio is a singer songwriter based in Wraysbury, in the South of England. His stylistic approach surrounds an alternative/acoustic genre. With his passion for music he translates an infectious energy throughout every performance. With a wide variety of original songs, Gianluca captivates the audience with his unique sound.

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Kitty Whitelock is a Singer-songwriter and Pianist from Wraysbury, experimenting with layered vocals and floaty loops. She is influenced by and interested in Jazz, Soul, Neo-Soul, Ambient Electronic, Folk and other styles. Her EP is scheduled for release this year!

Playing mostly originals but the covers may include:  Bjork- Joga,  Ariana Grande- God is a woman, Robin. S- Show me love.

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We are a trio playing Country, Cajun, Old Time, Bluegrass, Folk Roots music from both sides of the Atlantic

What is Boogaloo? 

Noun: a dance to rock-and-roll music performed with swivelling and shuffling movements of the body, originally popular in the 1960s.

verb: perform the boogaloo.

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